I love turtles! To be exact, I love red ear sliders, but I love all other turtles too. 🙂 I have 5 of them!
The first one I got is 13 years old. His name is Sandy. Sandy is aggressive and when I try to hand-feed him, he always bites my finger…
I got two other turtles too! One of them is Jimmy, and he’s really shy. If you just walk by his tank, he will hide underneath the filter. Update: Jimmy is still pretty shy but he’s pretty good now, he just jumps off of his basking rock if I put my hand near him.
The other turtle I got with Jimmy is Bubbles!* Bubbles is 2 and a half years old and is a female male turtle. She is not as shy as Jimmy but not as outgoing as Sandy (around me). You see, Jimmy just goes for a nap in his shell around me, Bubbles is nice and calm around me, and Sandy tries to run off of my desk!

*Bubbles is now sold 😦


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