About Jimmy

Jimmy smiling :)

Jimmy giving us a smile 🙂

Hi! My name’s Jimmy! Jordan doesn’t really know my true age, as my previous owners lied about it. I always try to tell him but I don’t think he is as fluent in turtlenese as I thought he was… I’m really big. Even bigger than my neighbor, Sandy!

I used to live with my friend Bubbles but as soon as Jordan noticed I enjoyed biting her, he separated us. Also, I haven’t seen her tank in the room for a long while now, so I think she must have moved away…

I’m still trying to get used to my new home here in Jordan’s big house. When someone goes by my tank, I hurry to hide underneath the filter in my home. I try not to bump it though. Without it, my home would be as green as us! Once I get used to my new home, I’ll be brave and watch Jordan go by my tank. If he stops and looks at me, I’ll tell him to go post it here with my super-stare!


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