About Squirt

Squirt is an Eastern Painted turtle (Chrysemys picta picta). Her gender is unknown, as she is too small for accurate sexing. You will probably noIMG_0739tice I call Squirt “her” and “him” quite frequently, but you’ll never hear me call her “it”. She is my newest pet turt among all of them. 🙂 She loves basking, which doesn’t surprise me, looking at her species. 😉 At the moment, she lives in a Rubbermaid bin that holds approximately 25-30 gallons of water in it. She is currently about 3 inches long, and fits in the palm of my hand! Not that she would stay there very long… 😉

Being a Eastern Painted, she has beautiful red designs all over her side scutes (scales), being the best looking on the bottom half of her side-scutes. Squirt is my first turtle that isn’t a red ear slider, and I’m overjoyed that she is my eye-opener to all of the different species of turtles there are out there. 🙂



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