Sandy has a companion! (wait… that’s not a turtle!)

So I had like 10 paragraphs typed up and closed my browser rather than iTunes. No, it didn’t save a draft… Lost it all. 😦

Okay, onto bigger, better things! Long story short (because I’m not rewriting that article over again), I got Sandy 6 goldfish and a guppy and one is still in his tank, after 3 weeks!

I know, goldfish aren’t good for turtles, but they aren’t really bad. They have no nutritional value, therefore are refered to as “fillers”. I just got him some to stimulate hunting for him. I was originally going to get him only 1 but the pet store only sold them in 6’s.

I had to give him a name! I named him Fred, after an old dog of mine that I really liked.

I thought maybe Sandy just lost his appetite for goldfish. He ate 5 of them, after all. Maybe one day Fred will become turtle food. That’s alright, though; that was the original plan, anyway. I think it will be interesting to watch a goldfish grow alongside Sandy, though! They can get pretty big, goldfish!




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