A Long-Awaited Update

Hey everyone. I’m going to start this post with an apology for not posting anything for months, and on top of that, I let my custom domain name (beneath-the-water.com) expire. Therefore, do not use the domain, beneath-the-water.com, use the original domain, which is trailerparkturtles.wordpress.com. I was really busy with school and then with time I just forgot about the blog. Anyway, I don’t expect you to read all about me being sorry and that, I’ll start the update.

The biggest update in my opinion is that Bubbles is now gone… I didn’t want to sell him, but with new expenses such as vehicles gas and school, I do not have a choice. That is why I am selling all of my other turtles as well, except for Squirt and Sandy, who was my first turtle (Sandy), who I got when I was just a wee lad haha 😉 . That’s another story though, that can be located here. I sold her with one of the 30 gallon aquariums, so I only have one left, with Sandy in it. The whole arrangement now is as follows: Squirt is in a clear Rubbermaid bin; Sandy is in a 30 gallon tank; Goliath and Blacky are in a 110 gallon tank; and last but not least, Jimmy is in a 70 gallon tank. The plan is once I have all of them sold (which is taking forever, even after two sales), I will put Sandy in the 110 gallon tank and Squirt possibly in the 70 gallon tank… Still unsure about Squirt, as a 110 gallon tank is already a huge burden and a ton of weight if I live in an apartment (I’ll probably have to rent a basement apartment).

Another update is that I just bought Sandy a UVB bulb, because his canopy setup gave up. It was the little box thing in it, I tried a new starter and a new light strip. They don’t make those little electric box component for my canopy anymore, as it is over 5 years old at least, so my only option was a new canopy or a UVB bulb, so I went with a 26 watt Reptile UVB 100 by ExoTerra, for $22.99… Which is unbelievably expensive, just for one light bulb, that won’t even last for over a year. It was worth it though, for Sandy.

Also, I have no filters for any of the tanks, as my filter for the 30 gallon went with Bubbles, and the filter for the 110 gallon and the 70 gallon (only one filter) broke. The wire somehow got partially cut off through the process of cleaning it. It wasn’t a pleasant surprise, that’s for sure haha. When I clean my filters, I always let it run in hot water for about 5 minutes before placing it in the tank, just to clean where I didn’t get. WELL, this time after letting it run for maybe 2 or 3 minutes, i reached in the water to grab it (it is a submersible filter, which one of the worse types of filter to use with turtles), and well I can tell you this much: I didn’t keep my hand in the water very long! 😉 I had to unplug it and retrieve it from the hot water. I quickly noticed the wire coming out of the filter was cut half-ways through. It now lays in my shed awaiting repair, if I repair it. I don’t really want to put something on it that may or may not work… I wouldn’t be able to sleep soundly.

Anyway… I think it’s about time for pictures!! Here y’all go:

First, there’s Sandy 🙂


Then Squirt 🙂


Then Jimmy 🙂


There’s Goliath (“Why’d you have to have the flash on..?” 😉 ). Blacky didn’t want to get photographed – go figure 😉 He was asleep and I didn’t want to wake him.


A photo that shows the bin where Squirt is in, and the 30 gallon aquarium that Sandy is in.


In this picture, it just shows the 110 gallon aquarium (it is MASSIVE) and the 70 gallon aquarium.


If any of you wanted to know what bulb I use for UVB, here is the box. 🙂 Hopefully it is cheaper where you live! 😉


Sorry for taking so long to update the domain and for not posting hardly anything for a long time! Hope y’all can forgive me! Have a good one! 🙂


2 responses to “A Long-Awaited Update

  1. Oh too bad. I could never sell any of my turtles, I even cried for days when Kame passed away.

    I bought that lamp a lot cheaper, around $15

    By the way, you need to risen your water level so that your turtles can swim freely

    • Yes I found the bulb on an online dealer for around $15 as well but after the cost of shipping & handling, it would be cheaper to buy one at the local pet store for $23.

      It wasn’t easy to sell him… I didn’t want to but I have to. I am keeping Sandy and Squirt, because I could never even think of selling them, especially Sandy, whom I had for going on 14 years now.

      The water level is low, however that tank (30 gallon) isn’t Sandy’s primary tank. His main tank is a 110 gallon, which should be more then big enough for the rest of his life , as he is a male and will not grow as large as a female. 🙂

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