Another Budgeting Project!

My first budgeting project was for a Russian Tortoise (Agrionemys horsfieldii). It went great, but I just don’t have that kind of money right now. 😉

My next budgeting project will be on something more affordable. More in my price range. This is for sternotherus odoratus, better known as the common musk turtle, or “stinkpot.” These turtles grow to be only around 5″, therefore will only need a 45-55 gallon tank. They are bottom walkers, unlike sliders, whom are basking turtles. Musk turtles rarely come out of the water, but they do come out on some cases. They just don’t worship the sun like sliders do. 😉 Another time they come out of the water is to lay eggs, just like mostly every other turtle species. Although, they still mate in the water.

Just thought I would share pictures of them: 🙂


Hatchlings have more keeled carapaces.


Common Musk Turtle

Here is an adult odoratus. 🙂

commonmusk musk.hatchling.lo_

Size compared to a US penny. The diameter of a US penny is 0.75″. So this little turtle is probably about 0.85″ (21.6 mm !).



Fun Facts:

  • Musk turtles are slow-growing turtles, which means they will stay small and cute longer!
  • Since they are bottom walkers, these turtles prefer eating food that drop down to the bottom of the tank. Which means you should get them sinking food, but will often take floating pellets just as easily.

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