New members (a lot)

While I was away, sleeping and fishing mostly, I picked up a few more companions. One of which came from my backyard!

Firstly, I got 3 new turtles. Yeah, three. Two massive red ear sliders, and a baby painted turtle!! 😀

Secondly, I got a garter snake!! 😀 I always wanted a snake, and now I have one!

Anyways, it’s not getting easier to maintain all of these pets, though. Another three turtles mean a HUGE tank (110 gallons. Five. Feet. Long. Wow.) The filter seems to get plugged a LOT (Flu4 Plus or something). I separated the (tiny) painted turtle from the huge RES, and placed her with Bubbles. They seem to get along really good! 🙂 They just look at eachother and turn away, which is definitely better than taking a bite out of ’em! (That’s why i moved the painted from the RES)

For the garter snake, I placed her in a 10 gallon tank I had laying around leftover from I don’t know when, and used paper towel as substrate, with a small plastic container for water on top of a cardboard box (from burgers I think) to hide in. I also have a stick in there for her to climb on, though I rarely see her use it (she is not a constrictor, like corn snakes, boas, etc.)

Here are pictures of everything:




Left- 110 gallon

Right- 55 gallon (I think. Might be 70)


The little painted turtle 🙂


All three of them.


The setup I got for the snake. Doesn’t have the box-hiding spot thing but everything else is still in it.

IMG_20130628_183418 IMG_20130628_183434 IMG_20130628_183541


She’s a good 2.5 or 3 feet long. If it’s a female, she could get up to 4 feet long. If he’s a male, he’s soon done growing.


One response to “New members (a lot)

  1. I love your blog! and I am not just saying that cause I am your mom….. but maybe you could stop rescuing turtles people do not want, and snakes from dad with the lawn mower……., before I have to put your bed in the living room. 😀
    Anyway, just saying I am very impressed and proud of the care you put into the turtle/snake family you have. No one can say you don’t do your research!! Keep up the great work.

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