Some fake plants

Last night I added a fake plant to Delilah’s tank. What also happened last night, is she managed to uproot out… Bit not the whole thing, just one little leaf thing. The picture explains it better: 😉



5 responses to “Some fake plants

  1. THose are some really good finds!! I’ve caught a lot of painted turtles, but mom would never dare let me keep them. Instead the wild animals I’ve helped so far this summer that I was aloud to help were a finch and an abandoned baby duck!! I really like the baby duck.

    • I didn’t find the painted turtle, I bought him, along with the two other red eared sliders. I caught the garter snake in my backyard.

      I never had a bird, although my aunt did. Wasn’t a finch, but it was chirping 24/7! I might buy some ducklings though, since I also have chickens.

      • Ducklings are so awsome!! I had a duck, but I couldn’t afford a coop so I had to give her to my friend. They are the best poultry ever!! I have a chicken too. What type of chikens do you have?

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