Dandelion leaves

Last night, I went out and found some really big, healthy dandelion leaves. I washed them and gave 1 to each of my turtles. 😀

Delilah gently ate it (she’s my biggest turtle, yet she is the most gentle… Maybe because she’s a girl? 😉 )

Bubbles seemed like he couldn’t tear it apart, so I tore the leaf in a couple of pieces! 🙂

Sandy… Just devoured it. 😀 He shredded it. He never stopped for a break until it was completely gone. I think he liked it! 😀

Then Bubbles didn’t finish hers, and seemed like she had no interest in it, so I gave the rest to Delilah and Sandy. Again, Delilah normally ate the leaves, and Sandy devoured it. 🙂

Sorry if there are any misspelling. I’m using the WordPress mobile app, and everyone knows about the infamous autocorrect. 😀

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