“Jimmy’s” new name!

If I remember correctly, I think I shared with all of you that my biggest turtle, Jimmy, is a female… And Jimmy is definitely not a suitable name for a young lady. 😉 So, I did some brainstorming, and came up with…


I originally had two names in mind: Delilah or Arcane/Arcana. I liked them both. Arcana was one of my choices, because the definition of it suits her perfectly:

“Understood by few; mysterious or secret.”

She is understood by few, because I’m sure even a veterinarian couldn’t understand what was going on in her head; She is mysterious, because honestly, I’ve never seen anything like her, and she is the reason for a lot of my research; She is secret, because she actually is a shy turtle, and when I pick her up, she retreats to her shell in a defensive position (mouth wide-open ready to snap, with her head so far in, she’s almost covering her eyes).

Anyway, though Arcana suited her really well, I went with Delilah because I looked at her, spoke the word, Delilah, and she gently swam to the surface of the water and looked right up into my eyes. I seen Delilah.


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