Your Pets

What kind of pets do you own? What are their name? Do you hold them in your hands? How old are they?

Leave a comment of your pets below!


6 responses to “Your Pets

  1. Abby, my cat, I don’t hold her often because she hates being confined or unfree. But I cuddle with her a lot and she sleeps under my covers at night, curled in a ball against my belly. I absolutely adore her. Otchum, my dog, who’s way, WAY too big to hold in my hands. But I cuddle him way too much, he’s spoiled so much he’ll “claim” hugs when I’m sitting at the table by pushing his muzzle under my armpit.

  2. I live on a farm. so there are many animals such as cows, cats, pigions, chikens, duck, and rescued animals such as finches, chipmunks, and mice( that are too cute for me to let the cats eat.)lol (though I only keep the wild animals till they’re healed) However my favorite pet is Charlie, my black and white bunny. I don’t know how old he is, because he’s sort of a rescued bunny, but I think he is around three years old. He isn’t huge about being cuddled, but he doesn’t mind being pet. He loves to run outside, and his favorite food is carrots.

    • Hi Jacintha!

      That’s so interesting! I can sort of relate, since I got about 10 chickens of my own. 🙂 Those chipmunks must really like you for rescuing them from the cats. 😉

      Charlie sounds really cool! We were going to get a bunny as a pet, but we didn’t have enough room for him. 😦 Since we don’t live on a farm. Oh, and that’s ironic that Charlie (a BUNNY) likes CARROTS! 😀

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