New Budgeting Coming. . .

Going to do some extensive research (again) and make a budget on buying and housing an Axolotl.

I will post it here, when I’m finished.

Edit: I am going to finish the “How to Care for a red ear slider” page that I promised a long time ago, first.

If you don’t know what an Axolotl is, look at this:

And believe it or not, this little fish with legs (it’s actually a salamander) can grow back whole limbs! So if it loses one of its legs, it’ll just grow back! Isn’t that amazing!? 😀 I’ll tell you though, I’m not going to test it when I get one. 😉 Also, notice how I said ‘when,’ instead of ‘if’? I said ‘when’ because I just know i’m going to get one. 😉 Any name suggestions?

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