Done Creating Poll!

Hey everyone, I am done creating the poll! 😀 The name of it is “What’s Your Favorite Turtle?

Every choice of turtle has a photo of the turtle beside it. 🙂

There are some celebrity turtles featured in this poll! These include: My very own Bubbles, as the choice for pond slider (red ear slider is a subspecies of the pond slider); Papoe as the choice for pink belly short/side neck turtle; and Kurome for the choice for the chinese three-keeled turtle. 🙂 All other photos are general photos I found.

Credits for the pictures:

-Pond Slider: Beneath the Water

-Pink Belly Side/Short Neck Turtle & Chinese Three-Keeled Turtle: Underneath the Shell

-Diamondback Turtle: diamondbacks4life member on

-Every other picture in the poll: Wikipedia (List of Reptiles of Canada)

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