New 75 Gallon Tank Update…

Unfortunately, I did not get the new, big 75 gallon aquarium. The lad that I bought it from has a very snowy driveway that is inaccessabble. Therefore, we couldn’t get to his house and the person that I bought the aquarium from couldn’t, either.

Fortunately, I am getting it soon, though. I am making arrangements with my friends to pick it up for me and I will pay them.

Once I get the aquarium, I am going to glue a sheet of plexi glass in with silicone to divide the tank up into two pieces so Sandy and Jimmy can live (kind of) together. This way, I will need to buy two 50 gallon filters and a buch of stuff. I have a very good idea for a basking area, also. I’ll post a (drawn) diagram of it later or tomorrow.

Anyways, back to money, I will put Bubbles in one of the 30 gallon tanks, from her (25 gallon i think?) Rubbermaid container. Then, I will give the Rubbermaid container back to my mom. 😀 I will sell the other 30 gallon tank (since I have two of them, one for Jimmy and one for Sandy), to make money for filters, lights, etc. for the new 75 gallon tank.

I will keep you updated on the progress!


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