Thinking about getting a new family member!

I have been doing some (a lot) research about turtles and which ones can be kept as pets. I found a lot of deifferent species of aquatic and terrestrial (land) turtles. I deceided to look at the different kind of land turtles. The ones that I found and liked was a box turtle, a mud turtle, and a russian tortoise. I’m probably going with the russian tortoise. 🙂

I can’t wait to get him (or her), but I need to save quite a bit of money. Surprisingly, the light is the most expensive part of the setup. Talking about the setup, here is where I found the one that I will most likely be using:

Is it good? I don’t know as much as I do about russian tortoises as I do about red eared sliders… I need advice, even a link to somewhere useful will be appreciated. 🙂

I am making a budget plan thing (figuring out how much money it will cost for everything, including the tortoise). I am almost done, I just need to figure out how much the light will cost, which is harder to find than it looks! Once I am done, I will post the costs of everything. 😉

Also, if you have any dfferrent suggestions for a pet (reptile). Either a turtle, reptile, or something similar. I cannot get a snake or anything like one because… I can’t. Please comment below to suggest!! 😀


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