Russian Tortoise total cost for Everything

I know I said I am not getting a Russian Tortoise, but I am still publishing all the costs, as I promised. Here they are:


-189 Liter (50 gallon) rubbermaid container  $20.00  Walmart

-Premium Play Sand (25 kg)  $8.00  Home Depot

-Garden Loam (AllTreat Potting Soil 25 L)  $5.00  Walmart

-Active UV Heat – UVB Producing Heat Lamp (Mercury Vapor Bulb, Lamp)  $100.00

-Russian Tortoise  $150.00 – $300.00  Pet store (PetSmart, Petco, etc.)


Note: All of these prices are rounded up, for tax, and S&H (Shiping & Handling) for the light.

It all adds up to pretty expensive! All of this will cost you $283.00 to $433.00! Although, you could get a cheaper light, which is what I would probably do! 😀 All you need is a clamp-on lamp with a UVA+UVB bulb on it. The one that I provided is a Mercury Vapor Bulb, which has UVA, UVB, heat, and well… everything else you need. 😀 It is literally the best reptile bulb out there so-far.

Why do we need all of this though?

Well, I will start with the 50 gallon (or 189 Liter) Rubbermaid container. I was suppose to get a 100 gallon container, but I couldn’t find one, and this one will do for a juvenile Russian. Anyway, it’s really strait-forward; It’s where he lives. It’s his “tank”, or terrarium.

Now onto the play sand and the potting soil. This is the substrate that you will be putting in his tank. In order to make the best substrate for a russian, you must combine a 50/50 combo of the potting soil and the play sand.

The Mercury Vapor Bulb is a little pushing it, if you ask me. They only need a UVA+UVB bulb, which is a LOT less expensive, and chances are, your local pet store will have one on their shelves, so no need for any ordering off line!

The Russian Tortoise… If you don’t know why you need this, you need to visit your local doctor. 😉 Well, I’m just playing. 😉 This turns out to be the most expensive part of the whole thing.

Now if you were thinking about buying a Russian Tortoise, you now know how much money it will cost you! 😀

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