New idea for a new turtle, I can’t decide…

Hi everyone, I am now voting Musk Turtle! Meaning, instead of a russian tortoise, I might be adopting a musk turtle. I am not sure which species though. They are really cool! 😀 Females (as we all know, most females are bigger than males in the world of reptiles ;)) only grow to be about 5 inches, so they are a pretty small kind of turtle. Bubbles is about 5 inches, so once they reach to be around Bubbles’ size, they are done growning, therefore they don’t need a really huge tank! 😀

I am just more fasinated in aquatic turtles than land ones… Also, it is a lot more work to clean a land turtle’s terrarium than it is to clean an aquatic turtle’s aquarium.

Another note, I plan to make a YouTube channel on my pets (currently just my 3 red eared sliders, Bubbles, Jimmy and Sandy), care videos, and (maybe) more, so be sure to follow Beneath the Water to stay updated!

Here is a very good tank setup and there is a little musk turtle in it! ^_^

Please note: this is not my turtle

Very good Muck Turtle setup!


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