Trying to take pictures of Jimmy and Sandy…

To make a new cover for my blog, I need new pictures. Therefore, I have been taking pictures of Bubbles, Sandy, and Jimmy. Bubbles was fine with taking the pictures. But Jimmy and Sandy… They really don’t like being handled, especially Jimmy.

Let’s start with Sandy. He tries to jump out of my hand when I pick him up. He never used to be like this though. He sort of “hisses”. Also, when I tried to catch him out of his tank, he was going crazy trying to bite me! 😦 When I finally caught him, he kept trying to jump away, scratching at my hands.

Now, Jimmy. He’s the worst. He never stopped hissing. He did what I’m guessing is breathing heavy. He kept inhaling, making a heavy breathing sound, and exhaling heavily too. I’m worried about my turtles… They don’t have the proper equipement to keep them healthy, but I am saving every cent I earn towards them.

I really don’t like where this is going. I fear that Sandy and Jimmy do not like me, or they think me of danger. I don’t know how to show them that I am not dangerous. Time for more research…


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