Crusty just died…

I can’t believe it… Crusty just died… I’ve had him since August, and now I killed him… I put too much water in his tank. There was still a place for him to get up and get some air, but i guess it was too hard to get to for his little crayfish legs. I put him up out of the water to see if he is just sleeping or something. No luck yet.

I’m not posting any pictures in this post, I am too depressed to even take one. I don’t know for certain what I had done. I gave him turtle pellets and shrimp snacks for turtes, since I seen on several sites that they eat them. I might have poisoned him somehow… or drowned him…

I had his whole life sort of planed. I had a 20 gallon aquarium being bought just for him. I was going to get some minnows and algea sinking pellets for him at the local fish and supplies shop. Now it’s all gone.

I don’t expect any replies on this post, since I have only 4 or 5 subscribers, including myself, but any support is greatly appreciated. I don’t know if it’ll help, though.


4 responses to “Crusty just died…

  1. I know what it is like to lose a pet and think it’s your falt. And sometimes it is only because of it being your first time ever having that type of pet. It’s happened to me with pet frogs, bunnies, etc. But you know the more you keep getting them the more you learn about how to keep them alive, Sometimes it isn’t your fault. I’ve lost a bunny because it got attacked by a skunk. It wasn’t my fault because the bunny hopped right up to it. He learned his lesson the hard way. Two of my bunnies died from being out in the cold, and now I know I have to keep my bunnies inside during the winter. Anyhow no matter how poorly cared for an animal is it really matters that you love them. Thats the top need of any pet.

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