Say Hello to Crusty the Crayfish! (Or crawfish)

Here is our newest addition to our reptilian family! Crusty the Crayfish! (Some people may refer these crustacean creatures as “crawfish”, “crayfish”, or “crawdads”. I will refer Crusty as a “crayfish”. Like this: ‘crr-eh-fish’)

I also apologize for being inactive on my blog for so long. I have been very busy with school and what-not. However, I promise to be more active now, since I recently got an Acer Aspire Windows 7 laptop for Christmas from my parents. 🙂

Anyway, here are some pictures I took of Crusty. Isn’t he just wonderful? 🙂


There's Crusty!!

There’s Crusty!!

Crusty the Crayfish!

Crusty the Crayfish!

Some minor updates will happen over the time, too. Some things I have in mind are more pictures of my amazing pets (obviously! :D), an experiment I just thought of of how good this filter of mine works (I will post a drawing of some sort to give a brief diagram), and I am also thinking of starting a new blog on finding and observing (pictures!!!) snakes around here. There really isn’t that many species of snakes where I live, unfortunately. I will keep you updated!

Back to Crusty, what different pets do you have? A crayfish? A salamander or lizard? Comment below! 🙂


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