Sandy’s Learning!

Sandy is getting better at eating food out of my hand! He is becoming less aggressive. Ever since I watched Kame’s video, and seen what he is capable of doing and how smart he is, it inspired me to teach my turtles to behave as good as Kame. A link to Kame’s video will be provided below. Anyway, Sandy used to bite me before I decided to train him. Now, he is not biting me as much (although, he still let’s out the occasional bite) ever since I’ve been going by Novroz’s “How To Train Your Turtle” page. A link to that page will be provided below as well.

I haven’t started training Bubbles or Jimmy yet though. I’m not training Bubbles because I think she is sick. 😦 I checked the temperature of the water with my bare hands, and it is a bit cold. I’m not sure what the temperature is exactly, as I don’t have a water thermostat (it’s going on the top of my shopping list). Once I get a thermostat, I will check the temperature of the water. If it isn’t in the high 70’s, I’m taking Bubbles immediately to the vet. I don’t understand though… Bubbles and Jimmy are in the same tank, and Jimmy is eating. Oh well, I’m not too worried for 2 reasons: First, I just got Bubbles and Jimmy from someone else. Second, A turtle can live without eating for up to a month. But those are no reasons not to take immediate action, are they?
Anyway, back to training. I’m not training Jimmy because as I said above, I just got Jimmy and Bubbles, so I’m going to wait at least a week or until Jimmy isn’t scared of everyone walking by his tank. Yeah, when someone walks by Jimmy and Bubble’s tank, if Jimmy sees them, he swims fast to hide underneath the filter.

I started petting Bubbles when she was basking. She didn’t move. I continued to pet her and her eyes slowly began to close. Her eyes were closed for a good 5 seconds. I wish I would have taken a picture, but unfortunately, my cell phone was in my room, and unlike Sandy’s tank, Jimmy and Bubble’s tank is in my living room (Sandy’s is in my room). I will be sure to keep my cell phone in my pocket from now on so I have easy access to a camera.

Here are the links:

Kame’s Video:

How To Train Your Turtle:


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